Meet The Owner

Michai Ashley is a Master Esthetician, Educator, and the Owner/ Founder of the BLCK Label Aesthetics Studio, LLC located in Bowie, MD. She specializes in skin correction treatments teamed with nutrition for ethnic skin. Michai has mastered how to treat ethnic skin from the inside out. Teaming nutrition, chemical peels, regular facials, and more she is able to get amazing results. She has mastered the Brazilian wax technique teamed with a customized skin correction vagacial ( facial for your v).

Her customized skin approach to treating ethnic skin has given her clients their desired results and self confidence all in one. By combining nutritional value to her treatments she also helps her clients achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle.

She is focused on helping her clients achieve optimal results, is prepared, and geared to give them the confidence they deserve. Her passion comes from having skin care issues of her own and achieving optimal results and she wants to give the same to others. Michai’s motto is that “healthy skin is always in”, she stands by this phrase by making sure her client’s skin always remains healthy even with advanced treatments.